Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vanity -- Striving to be unique...

Back in Miami, you have the option of 121 different vanity plates (yes, I counted!) if you were so inclined to be unique and pay the additional annual tag fee for said plate. You can see them littered across the congested highways.  You name it, they most likely have a plate for it.

Up here?  Not so much.  The State of New Hampshire only has their basic plate, a Veteran plate and two conservation plates (One is a Moose, the other is for the state park which grants you free admissions).  That's it. Nothing fancy schmancy.

Va que chifla!

I never paid it any mind until I started noticing the clever vanity slogans on the regular plates.  It seems anyone who is anyone (i.e. not me) has a plate like this.  I've seen it all: GANDALF (LOTR), SCHRUTE (The Office), IPB4IGO ("I pee before I go"), CRZYBUS, &CRASH&...and many, many more!

I have to give credit where credit is due.  Some of these people are geniuses!  I give a big, "Hurrah!" for these people who strive for uniqueness when they are limited. I sometimes can be entertained for the whole car trip just trying to decipher some of them.

Although I'm not planning on shelling out the additional $50 or however much it costs annually for the special plates, I have come up with a list of some I would definitely consider...some are obvious, but can you figure out the others?

I-K-PEO (This one is for Mi Gringito, not me!)

Un beso!

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